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Our apologies to anyone who has already filed based on the previous information, but we were just notified of the error. Below is the correct dues amount.


Margaret Ann's Place closing-After 15 Years of Service

Join Us in Ireland-Travel/Study Program (click here for info)

Retirement Notice Deadline 

The deadline for first semester retirements is approaching. Teachers applying for Early Retirement or Early Early Retirement should notify the District in writing on or before 

Thursday, April 17. Once notice of intent to retire is given by a teacher and is accepted by the District, the notice of intent to retire shall be irrevocable. 

 Calendar of Events

Pre - WEAC-RA Delegate Meeting-Tues., April 15-(4:30 p.m., KEA Office)

Association Representative Assembly Meeting-Thurs., April 17-(4:30 p.m., KEA Office) 

Spring Recess Begins/Schools Closed-Fri., April 18

WEAC Representative Assembly-Fri., April 25 - Sun., Apri. 27-(Green Bay, WI)

End of Spring Recess/Schools Reopen-Mon., April 28 

School Board Organizational Meeting-Mon., April 28-(6:30 p.m., ESC Board Room)

Regular School Board Meeting-Mon., April 28-(7 p.m., ESC Board Room)

Benefit Task Force Meeting-Fri., May 2, (2:00 p.m., ESC, Room 190 B)

KEA Scholarship Reading-Tues., May 13, (4:00 p.m., KEA Office)

KUSD Standing Committee Meetings-Tues., May 13,(5:30 p.m., ESC Board Room) 

Take Action! Be an Advocate

Volunteers Needed at the Shalom Center Soup Kitchen 

We currently provide volunteers for six Shalom Center Soup Kitchen dates, the fourth Saturday of the following months: 



September-Nash Elementary School Staff 


I would like to reserve one date annually for District-wide participation while offering two of the current District-wide dates to individual school staffs that have a passion for social justice volunteering.  If you believe that your school staff would be interested in providing the approximately 18 volunteers needed to operate a Soup Kitchen date each May, July, or December, please reply to me at your earliest convenience.  By the way, the volunteers would not all need to be on your staff – they could also be family and/or friends of your staff members. 

Thanks, for your willingness to help the hungry people of our community. 

John Whyte, Substitute Teacher #6202, Elementary Band & Elementary Orchestra, Kenosha Unified School District No. 1, E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


8 a.m.-5:00 p.m., Monday through Thursday

8 a.m.-12 noon, Fridays

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